Formal vs Informal Language Learning

Whether language learning occurs in a formal or informal environment has a particular impact on learning outcomes. Some of people prefer attending classes, while others progress faster learning a language informally. It fully depends on how you organise your schedule, what goals you have, and simply what works for you better. There are both advantages … Continue reading Formal vs Informal Language Learning

Why Should We Appreciate English?

There is a huge discussion all over the world that the English language has intruded other languages. This invasion has resulted in the intense shift on the lexical level with a significant number of loan words. I suggest that we look at the main language in the world from a different perspective. - Literature. English … Continue reading Why Should We Appreciate English?

Why Do We Make Mistakes in a Foreign Language? (Video)

It is a very complex topic; however, I refer to a couple of main factors, influencing the mistakes we make in a foreign language. In my video, I discuss the influence of mother tongue, rule misunderstanding, overgeneralision, and a slip of the tongue. YouTube video: I want to remind you that you can ask … Continue reading Why Do We Make Mistakes in a Foreign Language? (Video)