Russian Language. Part 2. Alphabet and Vocabulary.

... Alphabet. To continue, I will briefly discuss the alphabet. Many people get scared when they see Cyrillic letters. I heard many times that it was exactly the Russian alphabet, which was a turn-off for learning the language. To surprise you (or scare even more), I will say that the alphabet is the easiest aspect … Continue reading Russian Language. Part 2. Alphabet and Vocabulary.

The Russian Language. Part 1.

Many people ask me if the Russian language is difficult to learn and why it is difficult to learn. Here are some answers to those who consider learning Russian or who is simply curious about the language. Like you already know from my previous post, the difficulty of a new language depends on its similarity … Continue reading The Russian Language. Part 1.

Formal vs Informal Language Learning

Whether language learning occurs in a formal or informal environment has a particular impact on learning outcomes. Some of people prefer attending classes, while others progress faster learning a language informally. It fully depends on how you organise your schedule, what goals you have, and simply what works for you better. There are both advantages … Continue reading Formal vs Informal Language Learning

Why Do We Make Mistakes in a Foreign Language? (Video)

It is a very complex topic; however, I refer to a couple of main factors, influencing the mistakes we make in a foreign language. In my video, I discuss the influence of mother tongue, rule misunderstanding, overgeneralision, and a slip of the tongue. YouTube video: I want to remind you that you can ask … Continue reading Why Do We Make Mistakes in a Foreign Language? (Video)