Is Grammar Important?

I have mentioned in the previous post that the role of grammar in language learning is under question. There are scholars who state that focusing on grammar is not valid anymore. At the same time, some scholars still strongly believe in the importance of grammar.

Let’s get practical.

1. Once again, I want to bring up the motives to learn the language. É.g. I am mastering Finnish to communicate with my loved one. Will grammar matter in this case? Not much. The main goal is to exchange thoughts and ideas to learn each other better. Another example, a translator staffs the text with a number of grammar errors. Are we fine with it? Hardly. Yes, a translator is not a machine; however, numerous mistakes will question the professionalism of the person. Thus, whether or not grammar is important primary depends on our learning motives, or more specifically, when and how we plan to use the language.

2. The complexity of language that we are learning. No secret that some languages are less grammatically complex, for instance, English. On the opposite, some languages have more grammatical challenges, e.g. Russian and Finnish. What does it mean in practice? Applying an incorrect form in the latter languages may lead to changing the meaning of the sentence. It does not necessarily occur frequently, but it is good to keep in mind.

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