How I Learned Finnish Words? (Applicable to Other Languages)

I am extending the topic of the Finnish language acquisition, hoping that my experience can be useful to others. Like I mentioned before, vocabulary was a challenge for me in every language I learned. Here are the tricks, which helped me to overcome the struggle:

1. Senses. As a visual person, I need to see a new word. I write down unknown words and go through them to memorize. I also put stickers to doors and walls to see the words as many times as possible. If you are an auditory person, you can listen to the radio.

2. Small talk. Separate words do not make you speak. You need to use them. Have a conversation with a native-speaker on a particular topic to master the context and cope with the fear of speaking.

3. Translation. Usually, we learn Finnish in English, which may slow down the process if English is not your mother tongue. The translation of the Finnish word should be directly into your mother tongue!

And, please, remember that the consistent effort always pays off!

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