How to Work on a Text? Part 1.

Let’s discuss each of the writing stages (ideas, words & phrases, sentences, paragraphs, coherence, review) more in detail.

1. Ideas. Although you are full of ideas, the most difficult stage is to start. Procrastination is a typical avoidant behaviour that many of us experience, starting a new task. Remember, you don’t need to finish the text from the first attempt. Just sit down, open your laptop, and spend 10 minutes brainstorming. Shortly after, you have reached the second stage.

2. Words & phrased. It’s good to have many ideas. Yet, you can’t include all of them into the text. Instead, pick up the key words and phrases, which describe the subject (product and company values) perfectly. Take your time. These words will set the mood for the entire text.

3. Sentences. Mind the length and complexity of sentences according to the text purpose. For instance, commercial purposes imply short and informative sentences. Be precise and avoid vague statements. Short and simple structures make the text sound confident.

To be continued…

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