It’s Simple!

One of the keys for success is a good rest. Very often we forget this, while chasing our dreams. Hard work definitely pays off. Always. However, rest is equally important. We do need time to recharge our batteries. We do need time to take care of ourselves and switch off the stress. In the end, … Continue reading It’s Simple!

Language in International Couples

The number of international couples keeps up rising. People speak either the language of their partner or they speak English as lingua franca. This sounds fascinating and complicated at the same time. People may struggle to express themselves in a foreign language.One of the solutions is to start learning each other languages. A bit by … Continue reading Language in International Couples

Russian Language. Part 2. Alphabet and Vocabulary.

... Alphabet. To continue, I will briefly discuss the alphabet. Many people get scared when they see Cyrillic letters. I heard many times that it was exactly the Russian alphabet, which was a turn-off for learning the language. To surprise you (or scare even more), I will say that the alphabet is the easiest aspect … Continue reading Russian Language. Part 2. Alphabet and Vocabulary.